The Cache Gran Fondo recently selected as one of 5 new UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualifying events in 2019.  Utah to once again be a focus for world-class cycling.

The UCI Gran Fondo World Series, the UCI's masters and amateur mass participation series, will comprise 21 qualifying events worldwide in 2018-2019, leading up to the 2019 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, which will take place in Poznan, Poland, in September 2019. 

The qualifying season will close with two new events mid-July, starting with the Cache Granfondo in Logan, Utah (USA), on a beautiful 100 mile (160.9km) course which will lead riders through the Cache Valley towards Idaho to finish back in Logan. 

The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Poznan, Poland, will take place from 5-8 September 2019.


For a copy of the official press release, CLICK HERE.

Participation rights for participation in a UCI Gran Fondo World Championship qualifying event, (i.e. Cache Gran Fondo) Riders can participate with:

·       No license

·       Amateur license

·       Master license

·       Cycling for All license

·       Elite license with exception of:

a)              Any rider who has during the current year been a member of a team registered with the UCI.

b)              Any rider who has taken part in a World championships, the Olympic Games, Continental Championships or Games, Regional Games, the Commonwealth Games, or a World Cup during the current year.

c)              Any rider who has UCI points in any discipline at the moment of the qualifier event.

After qualification and in order to participate in the World Championships, riders need to have a national Masters/Amateur/Cycling for all/Elite year-license from a UCI affiliated federation and under the conditions as mentioned above for Elite riders.  

Age groups: The event will offer results in 8 different age groups, for both women and men:

Age groups: 19 – 34y,   35 – 39y,  40 – 44y,  45 – 49y,  50 – 54y,  55 – 59y,  60 – 64y,  65-69y, 70+y.  (Age groups are defined by the rider's age on December 31st of that year.)

For our 70+ category, if more than 6 riders register, the tickets granted for The World Championships are also given to this age category. Note: * In The World Championships, an additional jersey and medals will only be given to the winners of these categories if more than 6 riders register.

For example questions for the 2018 World Championships in Verese, Italy, Click Here to see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

CLICK HERE for more information and a review of some of the Rules You Should Know.

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Cache Valley in Logan, Utah - USA

The Cache Gran Fondo, established in 2011 and in its 7th year of operation (2018), is located in northern Utah, in the western United States, (adjacent to Colorado, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona). Located 80 miles north of Salt Lake City, the Cache Valley is an agricultural region with flat low-lands surrounded by alluvial benches and the majestic Rocky Mountain ranges. Interstate 15, one of the major intestate highways in the western United States running north and south from Mexico to Canada, is adjacent to Cache Valley, and the Cache County seat Logan. is roughly 20 miles off the main I-15 artery.


Access to Logan is made easy due to 2 well-maintained 2 and 4-lane highways on the west, one from the north, and one (US89), from the east, effectively giving access to the area from all directions. The event is always held on the second Saturday in July, and the local community is very supportive, with over 35 local sponsors.

GBP_4368 20180714 0656 Cache Gran Fondo.jpg
Photo: Aaron Burden

Photo: Aaron Burden


The Cache Gran Fondo is a mass-participation event in which riders start in waves. The event is timed over the full distance for all participants, (both competitive and non-competitive riders) and results are recorded by competitive/non-competitive, age group, gender, and distance and published in order of arrival.

Riders start in 8 waves based on distance and average speed, each with a pilot vehicle and local law enforcement to safely escort the riders outside of the city and into the open countryside. In 2019-2021 the 105-mile course will be the UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualifying route.  All other course routes will be timed, but only the 105-mile route will qualify riders for the worldwide championship.

GBP_8533 20180714 1302 Cache Gran Fondo.jpg

Each course has well-stocked support stations every 17-20 miles along the route, (6 stations total). Each are sponsored by local grocery store chain Lee’s Marketplace, Gatorade, Pepsi, RockStar, Great Harvest Bread, Stinger, GU, and Natural Grocers. The stations are full of real foods, multiple hydration options, and quick-grab snacks. On course roving repair vans from Velofixx, Al’s, and Joyride Bikes, as well as cycling techs located in the support stations offer bike repair and adjustments.  Also local vendors provide spot sports massage, short-session yoga stretches, and the stops have multiple shaded areas to rest and recover for our 1300+ riders.


The UCI Gran Fondo World Series Qualifier route will be the 105-mile course.  This route provides the best variation of flat and open sections, rolling climbs and a canyon summit climb. It is also the least trafficked of the three courses. In 2019, we will be implementing a new timing system which will include the ability to also record segments of the event, effectively allowing us to offer multiple rider challenges.  


The event is unique in that it starts in the mostly-empty weekend parking lot of the Logan Regional Hospital (400 East 1400 North and our foundational sponsors), and all routes end a few blocks to the north in North Logan next to the Real Soccer Training Center and Green Canyon High School.  Spreading out the start and finish line allows riders to select from one of 30+ local hotels & lodging options, multiple parking options between the two locations, and effectively spread the congestion.

GBP_6115 20180714 0752 Cache Gran Fondo.jpg

 Accommodation capacity in the immediate area is over 1000 rooms, but most of our riders come in from Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo and southern Idaho areas, effectively keeping rooms available (and priority) for out-of-town riders who wish to stay more than just one night. Our official hotel partner and event sponsor is the Marriott Springhill Suites, a 120-room, new and expanded property roughly one mile south of the finish line.  

2017 CGF Startline.jpg

event starts with a 12-mile rolling closure, and traffic intersections are controlled the last mile of the event, for definition purposes, the Cache Gran Fondo is an Open Road Gran Fondo, where riders are required to follow the signs in a mass participation start, and all riders must respect road traffic regulations unless there is an authority (police/marshal) allowing them a priority passage at certain points/intersections. All riders are responsible in case they don’t respect these traffic regulations.

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Before or after your visit, tour some of the most breathtaking national parks and outdoor venues on the planet.

Visit Zions, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, Grand Canyon as well as northern destinations like Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and Glacier National Parks.

Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks

Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 9.23.50 AM.png

The 105-Mile Course.  

2019 105-mile course:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29994857

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 9.24.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 9.24.25 AM.png

The 105-mile course provides a safe early-morning passage over Valley View Highway (SR30), and provides a wide-open, low traffic flat course to mile 51 in Malad, Idaho.  The West-to-east climb of Weston Canyon is a steady climb with a challenging summit. In 2018, we added another hydro option near the summit. As in the past, we will have pilot cars from the start line to the Cache/Box Elder county line).

The Finish, Lunch and the Expo

After completing your desired distance, all participants are invited to participate in the Cache Gran Fondo's Gran Feed and Outdoor Expo sponsored by the Logan Downtown Alliance. The Gran Feed will be held in North Logan City, where the city will close the entire street for Saturday and welcome the Gran Fondo riders to eat, meet local vendors, win prizes as part of the ride, listen to local bands and enjoy a great summer evening in downtown Logan. There will be activities for people of all ages.

NEW for 2019 - Individual Time Trial Friday Evening

As part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, we are offering another way for our riders to race for a chance to represent their country at the World Championships. Our ITT will be held on Friday evening and the course will be no more than 11 miles. We will start each rider at 30 second increments, professional timing will be provided, and prizes will be awarded late that evening.

Until May 30th $40.  June 1 - July 11th $50.  Onsite July 12th $60

UCI GFWS Age Groups 

Juniors $23* (all-dates, all juniors Under 23-years of age, only $23)  

Maximum number of participants (350)
For the Time Trial on Friday evening from 4:00pm to 6:30pm, we have been allowed to permit the first 5 miles of beautiful Logan Canyon. The road has a mostly wide-shoulder, and on most evenings there is a slight thermal that blows UP the canyon. The Start/Finish and awards ceremony, will be held at the park at 1st Dam. The Logan Race Club is the official club and sponsor for the time trial event.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.36.35 PM.png

Road Race Registration:

REGISTRATION for 2019 Cache Gran Fondo OPENED. 

Road Race Online registration closes at midnight on July 11th, 2019.
Registration will be available at packet pick up on July 12th and and the morning of July 13th, but closes 30 minutes before start times.

Road Race and Medio Fondo Registration Fees:

GF CHALLENGE Course (105-mile) UCI GFWS Age Groups $95 To April 30th. $115 May 1 to July 11th. $125 Onsite July 12-13th

GF MEDIO Fondo (70 Miles) Ages 24+ $89 To April 30th. $99 May 1 to July 11th.  Onsite July 12th-13th $115

GF CLASSIC Fondo (53 miles) Ages 24+$89 To April 30th. $99 May 1 to July 11th.  Onsite July 12th-13th $115

GF PICCOLO Fondo (34 miles) Ages 24+ $79 To April 30th. $89 May 1 to July 11th.  Onsite July 12th-13th $99

NOTE: Any rider 23 and under can register for ANY event for only $23. USE PROMOCODE: U23_2019

*Registration fees do not include online processing charges
*Registration fees do not include Utah State Sales Tax (6.6%)
*Entries are non-refundable and transferable with a nominal $10 processing fee

CLICK HERE for more information and a review of some of the Rules You Should Know.



The UCI Gran Fondo World Series is a 'cycling for all' series where cyclists from all over the world can participate in events where they can obtain their ticket for the official UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in different age groups. There are qualifier events for both road-races and time-trial. The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships will crown the new UCI Worldchampions in Road racing and Time-trial

A UCI Gran Fondo World Series event is a competitive mass participation event with a mass start (or in waves with intervals between the start groups) which is fully timed for all participants and split results are made per age group and gender.

A UCI Gran Fondo World Series Event has three different categories:

  • Full closed roads: Competitive mass participation event with a mass start in which riders can use the whole road during a certain time frame (time to be set by the organisers). Roads are closed for the full length and duration of the event for all participants. No traffic on the course (except event vehicles).

  • Rolling road closure (CACHE GRAN FONDO FORMAT): Competitive mass participation event with a mass start in which riders can use the whole road during a certain time frame (time to be set by the organizers). Roads are closed from the moment the first riders approach until a dedicated time after the first riders have passed (time to be set by the organizers). Road traffic regulations must be respected for all riders being outside of the defined time set by the organizer.

  • Open roads: Competitive mass participation event with a mass-start in which riders must respect road traffic regulations during the whole course.

The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships is the last event of the series, open to riders qualified through the series. 25% of the top Cache Gran Fondo finishers will qualify in their respective age groups to compete in the World Championships each year.

CLICK HERE for more information and a review of some of the Rules You Should Know.

Read more: http://www.ucigranfondoworldseries.com/

2018/2019 UCI Gran Fondo World Series Schedule of Qualifying events (source: http://www.ucigranfondoworldseries.com/)

2018/2019 UCI Gran Fondo World Series Schedule of Qualifying events (source: http://www.ucigranfondoworldseries.com/)



UCI Gran Fondo World Series: The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships qualifier series

The UCI Granfondo World Series (former UCI World Cycling Tour) is a series of UCI-sanctioned races held all over the world. 24 qualifier events will qualify the top 25% in each age group to the UCI Granfondo World Championships, the former UWCT Final and UCI Masters Road World Championships, where the champions are awarded with the coveted rainbow jersey. After its launch in 2011, the UCI Granfondo World Series enters the 2018 season with additional events. 

While promoting high level competition for Masters and Amateurs, one of the aims of this series is the globalization of "Cycling for All". With that in mind, the geographical spread of the events is very important, alongside with strict organizational and sporting criteria, and a certain tourism interest.

The UCI Gran Fondo World Series concept is focusing on both very competitive riders who either just miss the skills and talent to become a Pro Elite rider or who still want to compete at a high level at a later age, but also to fun riders who like to keep fit and finish the event.

In a partnership with renown Belgian sports marketing agency Golazo, the UCI has created the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. This partnership will be responsible for the overall organization, coordination and marketing aspects of the UGFWS qualifier events.