The draw?

We just received a great e-mail from a new Cache Gran Fondo rider who is in the running for the ‘traveled the farthest distance’ prize this year. Stephen Aboud is putting his itinerary together to travel from the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago to our also-beautiful Cache Valley for the Cache Gran Fondo. “[I’m] passionate about the Rockies ever since my first trip 30 years ago, [I] could surrender my beaches for them any day. Impressed by the principles of those I come into contact with in SLC [and I] respect the values of those I interact with,” explained Stephan in an e-mail to us on July 3. He continued, “Yes, I approved the week visit so that I could experience Logan and ride it. I have covered nearly 1,500 miles of road in Utah and I always dreamt of riding and racing on those roads. If I survive the altitude [this year], then next year I will love to enter the race.”

Image of a Trinidad and Tobago beach

Image of a Trinidad and Tobago beach

What an incredible guy! This is one of the reasons we love putting on this event, we get to hear great stories about great people who have made biking and living healthy lifestyles a driver in their pursuit of happiness. It causes me to ponder about what the draw is to the sport, and to our unique location. I think the draw to Cache Valley is one of spectacular beauty and open roads. The air is thin up here (5,000+ feet above sea level), but it is also clean, especially in the spring and summer months. We have a lot of flat stretches because our valley floor used to be lake bed, and multiple hills and canyons to really test your climbing legs and lungs. Also, as Stephen has pointed out, the people are friendly, the communities are supportive and the local bike community is strong and growing.

We are excited to have Stephen join us here at the Cache Gran Fondo next Saturday, July 12. If you get a chance to meet him, give him a big Cache-Valley welcome and reinforce his perception of the people here. And Stephen, unless someone shows up from Europe or Australia…you might just win the prize!

- Troy Oldham, Race Director

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