Update from the Race Director

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. With fewer than ten days to go before we kick off the 3rd annual Cache Gran Fondo, we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed but also equally excited to have all our friends return, and excited to welcome a whole be set of riders. 

Here are some of the things that have us overwhelmed (and excited):

  1. New unique jerseys and polo-style commuter shirts are arriving this week -- 700 to be exact -- and we hope every rider will want to buy one once they see them. And at only $35 each, they are a steal! (Bring the $$, I bet you will want one when you see them).
  2. Rider registrations: They just keep coming in, fast, furious and steady. Please invite all your friends to join us. The money goes to a great cause, and we have really planned for a great rider experience.
  3. Volunteers: How could you not love volunteers, they make an event special and meaningful. Everyday we get more requests from incredible people to help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We really cannot say it enough.
  4. Our race committee. Hands down, the BEST!
  5. Logistics. It takes a huge action item list and spreadsheet to get all the details checked off. We feel like Santa, "making a list, and checking it twice..." Very overwhelming but each day the list gets smaller, even when you sweat the small stuff.
  6. Prizes and sponsors. It takes strong sponsors to pull this off. We have a bunch and they are fantastic. Check out our sponsors here.  Every rider is eligible for prizes -- it's a Gran Fondo thing.
  7. Big and impressive finisher medals just arrived in Utah! Five inches wide, large, and in charge! There is a little surprise that comes with it.... Cheers!
  8. Food: At the support stations, at the start line, at the finish. You won't go hungry. Real food, local treats, baked goods, Cliff Bar items, New LG gels, some junk tossed in, and several special treats at the finish in our REFUEL station (Izzy soda, Meadow Gold Chocolate Milk, custom-made Charlie's ice cream, Schrieber Cheese, Pepsi, etc).
  9. Miss Utah. Newly crowned Miss Utah (and current Miss Cache Valley), Karlie Major offered to support YOU riders at our Trenton support Station.  She will also be handing out Meadow Gold Choc. Milk at the finish after she is done in Trenton.
  10. Energy fuel sponsors Cliff Bar and Louis Garneau have really come through for our riders. You will be drinking, chomping, and slurping all kinds of great energy items. We are overwhelmed by their generosity. Please make sure once you sample the freebies, you spend some $$ on their products next time you pick up supplies.

That is my top ten list...for today. Keep the rubber side down and we will see you at packet pick up next week in SLC, Ogden and Logan. And on the road next Saturday!