2014 Cache Gran Fondo Race review

We loved reading this review of the 2014 Cache Gran Fondo. Thank you to UtahTryGuy and UtahTriGirl for your support.


Dear Readers, this is my first blog post on this website, and I was lucky enough to sub in for Rachel (aka utahtrigirl) for the Cache Gran Fondo. I was really excited to get to do this particular race, as I have participated in this venue before and had a great time. But first allow me to introduce myself; tongue in cheek I’ll refer to myself as Utahtryguy, because while I  attempt bike races, running events and triathlons, I mostly just “try”. I’m essentially a self taught runner, I dabbled in track and cross country with friends in high school, flying under the radar of the coaches who never really knew I was there, and I never officially joined any of those high school teams. Later on in life, I did a 5k here and there, and continued to do so after I was married. I have run the South Davis Rec Center valentine’s day 5k I think every single year it has existed as a yearly tradition.

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