A reminder about safety this weekend - From the Pros

We received this info piece today from Ben Kofoed from the Logan Race Club. "July is a good month for us all to watch the pros on TV and see a lot of what we hope to not see in our groups when it comes to wrecks.  Having gone down before in our TNR group there are a couple quick mistakes that I made that are listed below that ended up causing me a broken collarbone and a lot of road rash.  Take a few minutes and read this over (especially with the Gran Fondo coming up on Saturday), yes this is all about keeping you as an individual safe from others mistakes but if we all follow these tips we can keep the whole group safe!   Keep safe out there everyone and looking forward to seeing everyone out for the Gran Fondo on Saturday! - Ben"


The Tour de France has started and that means cycling fans will be treated to amazing racing and incredible drama over the next three weeks. Unfortunately, crashes are one of the realities of pro racers have to face, and the first week of road stages are among the most dangerous days of racing for the peloton all year. What's even more incredible than the number of actual crashes is the number of near-misses! Great handling skills, heads up racing, and years of experience prevent most dangerous situations from escalating into calamities, and the techniques the pros use are the same ones you can use to stay safe in a pack.


I don't care how tired you are or how hard you're going, dropping your head while you're in the middle of the pack is a recipe for disaster. A moment of inattention can destroy months of preparation and training, so you have to keep your head up and on a swivel. Use your peripheral vision to stay aware of movement to your sides and keep your vision focused around 10 riders ahead of you, at least. There's very little time to react to problems, even less if you're not paying attention.


In addition to looking for opportunities to move up in the group or put yourself in a better competitive position, you also have to have a loose plan for where you're going to go if the riders ahead of you suddenly fall down. Is there a deep ditch on the right side of the road? Then that's not your first choice. If you're entering an area that looks like it's a likely place for a crash, like a sudden narrowing of the road, can you leave a little room between you and the riders ahead of you to give yourself a bit of a buffer? Is there a space between the riders next to you that you could steer into if need be? No amount of planning will prevent all falls, but with experience you'll learn to evaluate escape routes without consciously thinking about it.


Seems counterintuitive, I know, but braking causes sudden slowdowns and makes it more likely that someone will run into your back wheel. Grabbing a handful of brakes can also cause the wheel to lock up, and once your wheel is sliding you have very little control of your bike. Using the wind and the draft to control your speed can be a lot smoother. You move out of the draft a little, catch some more air resistance to slow down gradually, and then tuck back into the draft.


Competitive cycling is a contact sport, and even non-competitive cyclists benefit from getting comfortable with rubbing shoulders, elbows, and handlebars. Keep a light but firm grasp on the bars and a comfortable bend in your elbows so you can absorb contact from the sides without it affecting your steering. Practice during group rides or even just when riding with one of your friends. Ride side by side and lean on each other, use your elbow to protect your space and move the rider away from you. Resist the urge to take your hands off the bars to move someone over. It's tempting to do that, and we see pros do it all the time, but the risk factor is high. If you make contact with another rider when you have only one hand on the bars it's harder to control your own steering, and if you hit a pothole you're less likely to be able to maintain control of your bike.


Many crashes are the result of one rider's front wheel overlapping the rear wheel of the rider ahead of them. If you're drifting left (or the rider ahead of you is drifting right) and your wheels make contact, your momentum and weight are going left but you can't follow because your wheel is hung up. This is a very difficult position to recover from. It's possible, but difficult. To recover you can try steering into the rider's wheel while you shift your weight the opposite direction, so that you can then pull off the wheel and stay upright. It rarely works, though, so the best option is not to get into that situation in the first place.


Even at the pro level there are riders who are known for being safe wheels to follow and others who are known to be more accident prone. The same is true for your local group ride or local criterium. You won't always know everyone you're riding with, but observe how people are riding and the decisions they're making and you'll quickly recognize riders who continually put themselves and the riders around them at heightened risk. In a race, avoid those people. In a group ride, try to help them develop their pack-riding skills rather than shunning them or discouraging them from riding with the group. Riding with a group is a learned skill and as a community it's our responsibility to teach newcomers good habits.


When you have a choice taking the inside line in a corner is generally less risky than cornering on the outside, at least in terms of the riders around you. If someone hits the deck in a corner they slide toward the outside and take out riders like bowling pins. If you're on the inside you have more control over your own fate; you still have to be skilled enough to stay upright yourself, but with no one or fewer riders inside of you there's less risk of someone taking you out. Also keep in mind that a crash in a corner almost always creates a space to the inside of the crash where following riders can make it through safely. So, going back to the idea of having an exit strategy, if you see a crash developing in front of you, look to the inside as your most probable escape route.

I wish I could say that the peloton is a safer place than it was 30 years ago, but I don't think it is. There are more cars and motorbikes in the caravan, more obstructions in the roadway, and the average fitness level of the riders is greater. In my day I believe there was a greater difference between the top riders and the domestiques, and that led to a kind of hierarchy. Now everyone is so incredibly strong that all riders have the ability to ride at the front, despite the fact that there's no more room at the front than there was back then, and in some places there's far less. The greater strength across the whole of the peloton means higher speeds as well, all day long. With more aggressive racing, higher speeds, more vehicles, and more "traffic furniture", I don't think it's a surprise that there are so many crashes in modern pro cycling.



Despite multiple attempts to re-route our 100-mile course by reversing it, we have come to several roadblocks with traffic control into and out-of Logan and Cache Valley.  While there are reasons for reversing the route, the number of difficulties far outweighed the advantages and so we decided to keep the route the same as in 2011-2014.

We appreciate ALL THE GREAT input and feedback we have received on the possible change, and in the future may have a solution that will give us the flexibility to switch things up a bit.

We greatly appreciate all the great support we have received so far this year.  Please let your friends know about the event this year!

Troy Oldham - race director

After a very lengthy and multi-point assessment of costs, complexity and feedback from a lot of riders in the club and past riders of the Cache Gran Fondo, we have decided to simplify this year, and drop the UCA race portion from the event.  Our UCA race numbers have been low the past two years, which means we actually loose money on the event due to the extra costs of USAC officials, timing chips, pilot and wheel cars, extra police and marshals and cash prizes for all the categories.  

Instead we will put all our efforts into creating an even-better rider experience than in the past.  We plan to have more prizes that all riders will be eligible to win, both in cash, gift cards, and actual items.  Once again, our Grand Prize this year will be a FreeMotion Tour Da France spin bike, and we will have many great items from our sponsors like Al's Sporting Goods, ARS, Camchef, FreeMotion, Logan Regional Hospital, Joyride Bikes, The LogoShop, WheelzRack, and many others. This also gives us the ability to beef up our rider gifts and support stations as well.  

If you are a racer, please consider joining us anyway. The support for the Gran Fondo from our race teams/clubs and community has always been so strong in the non-competitive ride, and so we hope you will still come out and compete.  To keep riders safe and in the right groups, we will be sending out competitive groups in both the 100 and 50 mile courses before the recreational riders, so you will still have the ability to ride hard and fast. We are working with UDOT to potentially reverse the route, mainly for safety reasons coming back into the valley on Valley View highway.  While we do not have final approval on the reversal, it will be AT LEAST the same as last year, and if approved, a new way of riding the route. Likewise, our finish line will still feel like a major race, and prizes can be claimed as soon as you cross the finish line. (They will be assigned randomly, except for a few special prizes that we will explain in the weeks leading up to the event - hint, make sure you have an active STRAVA account).

Register at: www.cachegranfondo.com/signupnow

We are also looking for volunteers and so if any of you or your family members would like to volunteer, we could really use some help.  Please contact me by e-mail if you can help volunteer, or click here to send us a note via the website.

Troy Oldham (oldhamtroy@gmail.com)

Special Offer for Cache Gran Fondo current and past riders

Friends, family, Cache Gran Fondo riders, we have just opened registration for the Bear Lake Classic on May 15-17th. This is a great traditional 3-day cycling event. Friday night is a 5 mile hill climb challenge, Saturday is a UCA Points Race as well as a century/relay option for non-racers, followed by a 5 man Team Time Trial on Sunday May 17th. ALL CACHE GRAN FONDO followers (and our friends on Facebook and Twitter) can get 15% off the $45 registration price with promocode: CGFrider2015 Please share with all your cycling friends and come join us for a great start of the cycling season at beautiful Bear Lake!


Some possible route adjustments for 2015

We hope everyone is getting in a few early season rides with this strange spring we have been having.  We were able to get out on a portion of the course this past week and have a look at a possible option to reverse the 100 mile route.

Some of our riders in 2013 and 2014 asked us to consider reversing the 100 mile route to go up over Valley View (SR 30) earlier in the day, before the traffic picks up.  We like the idea because it is a great way to get the riders off the busiest stretch of road in the event early.  It still places the Malad, Idaho stop at about the 50 mile mark, but it places the hill after rather than before the rest station.

We are currently discussing this route change with UDOT and IDOT and hope to have a decision soon.  Please feel free to leave YOUR comments below if you have an opinion one way or the other, we love hearing from our riders.

In the meantime, we hope you get out on your bikes this spring for lots of miles.

- Troy (2015 Race Director)

Initial Jersey Designs in!

We are very excited to announce our 2015 jersey design!  This year we are going back to our roots with Primal Jerseys.  The 2015 styles are highlighting the mountains and deep blue skies of Cache Valley, and the signature 'GF" that was so popular with our jerseys from 2014.  The style is true club-fit, so if you are used to a 'race' or 'european-cut' you will want to size down, where as if you are new to cycling and this is your first jersey purchase, you might want to go a size up from what you normally wear in t-shirts (For example, I wear an XL in t-shirts and 2XL in my bike jersey).

This year we also brought back the WOMEN's Razor-back sleeveless jersey - we completely sold out of this style in 2013.

Once again, we are selling these $60 jerseys at the cost of $35 ($30 if you buy them with a registration), so you cannot go wrong!  Please share this great news with all your riding friends and come join us on July 11th for another great ride through beautiful Cache Valley, Utah!

- Troy Oldham, Cache Gran Fondo race director

2015 is going to be full of great cycling in Cache Valley

We are very excited to host the 4th annual Cache Gran Fondo on July 11th 2015!  As many of you know, Cache Valley and Logan, Utah was recently awarded the 1st Stage of the Tour of Utah on August 3rd, and we think they made a great choice!  If you are a returning rider, you know what a great cycling environment we have here in Cache Valley.  If you have never ridden through our vast network of wide-open roads and breathed our clean, crisp air, it's time to join the cycling pros and put Cache Valley on your list of great places to ride in 2015!

Our race/ride team is working with the Tour of Utah race directors to help promote the area and there will be a real buzz in the valley during the months leading up to the Tour.  Cache Gran Fondo will be a part of promoting the Tour in the area, and we have some really fun stuff planned for our 2015 riders, volunteers and support crews.

Stay tuned for more information as things develop and PLEASE, sign up soon, before the January promotion ends, and make sure you bring some other riders with you.  Thanks again for your support and we look forward to seeing you on July 11th.

Early-season pricing about to expire

Dusting off the pedals

It's January, it's cold, there's snow on the ground, but that hasn't stopped us from gearing up for this year's bike season. We're wrapping up the days of our early bird pricing for our ride. We wanted to share this friendly reminder that our registration pricing will increase beginning January 25.

To register for the 2015 Cache Gran Fondo scheduled for July 11, click here. 

2014 Cache Gran Fondo Race review

We loved reading this review of the 2014 Cache Gran Fondo. Thank you to UtahTryGuy and UtahTriGirl for your support.


Dear Readers, this is my first blog post on this website, and I was lucky enough to sub in for Rachel (aka utahtrigirl) for the Cache Gran Fondo. I was really excited to get to do this particular race, as I have participated in this venue before and had a great time. But first allow me to introduce myself; tongue in cheek I’ll refer to myself as Utahtryguy, because while I  attempt bike races, running events and triathlons, I mostly just “try”. I’m essentially a self taught runner, I dabbled in track and cross country with friends in high school, flying under the radar of the coaches who never really knew I was there, and I never officially joined any of those high school teams. Later on in life, I did a 5k here and there, and continued to do so after I was married. I have run the South Davis Rec Center valentine’s day 5k I think every single year it has existed as a yearly tradition.

To read the rest of UtahTryGuy's review, click here.


We are excited to welcome you to the 3rd Annual Cache Gran Fondo in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah. Many of you are returning, and we thank you 
for your continued support. We are also expecting a new group of competitive cyclists this year as we have added a race component to the ride, which brings us closer to the intent of a true Gran Fondo where high-end competitors share the same course with recreational riders.

We've had some great training rides so far this year on our 50- and 100-mile course and despite a couple of short stretches of regular summer road maintenance (chip and seal), the course should be in pretty good shape. Watch out for a section that was chip/sealed two weeks ago in Amalga, and a single block as you come back into Logan on 600 South. Both should be well worn, but stay alert so you can be safe. As a recreational cyclist and mountain  biker for more than 30 years, nothing is more fun than getting outside with family and friends to ride some of the great landscapes around us. We hope you will agree that nothing quite compares to the scenic views, cool temperatures, and unique roads Cache Valley offers bike riders of all abilities. Our wide-open roads, challenging hill climbs and stunning views make this a very special place to get on a bike and ride. It was just announced that the 2015 Tour of Utah will include a section through Cache Valley, and so it is possible that you could be riding some of the same stretches of road that pro teams will race next year.

To make this year a success, hundreds of dedicated volunteers, ride planners  and sponsors have worked hard to make sure your experience at this year’s Cache Gran Fondo is a memorable one. We will have great support crews staffed from the starting line to the support/aid stations, as well as at the finish line. We have some fun things planned, a lot of prizes, a great finisher medal, and some surprises that will hopefully make your day memorable. Our clothing designer and manufacturer, Blackbottoms Cyclewear, has worked closely with us to help us deliver this year’s custom 2014 Cache Gran Fondo Jersey and our new Commuter Jersey which I hope you’ll enjoy wearing for many rides to come. We are offering these items at cost, only $35, so we sincerely hope you will buy on and add it to your collection of favorite jerseys. Please have a fun, safe and enjoyable tour on Saturday. Please be sure to obey all the rules of the road, extend a courteous wave to our local community members, thank them for sharing the roads with you and the other Gran Fondo riders. 

Also, don’t forget to take a lot of fun pictures and share them with us on our Facebook page; stick around for free lunch and the $6,000+ in raffle give-a-ways at the Gran Fondo Expo & Outdoor Recreation Show in downtown Logan.

Troy Oldham
Cache Gran Fondo Race Director
Executive Director - Logan Regional Hospital Foundation

Packet Pickup Locations

Packet pickup starts today. We will be at Bountiful Bikes in Woods Cross today from 4 to 7 p.m. If you haven't registered for the Cache Gran Fondo, you can register for it here.

  • Wednesday, July 9, from 4 to 7 p.m., Bountiful Bikes, 2482 S Main St, Woods Cross
  • Thursday, July 10, from 12 to 7 p.m., Bingham Cyclery, 1895 Washington Blvd, Ogden
  • Friday, July 11, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Center Street and 50 West, Logan
  • Friday, July 11, from 4 to 8 p.m., Al's Sporting Goods, 1075 North Main, Suite 120, Logan

2014 & 2015 Cache Gran Fondo Finisher's Medal

Our 2014 Cache Gran Fondo Finishers' medals just arrived. Have a look at these! This 5" wide satin nickel plated bragging right is even equipped with a bottle opener to enjoy a cool, refreshing beverage following your ride. 

Make sure you reserve yours by registering for and riding the Cache Gran Fondo. 


Final week of training, registering!

The final week is finally here! Registration closes at 5 p.m. MST on Friday, July 11 and riders from from around the country (and Trinidad and Tobago) are training for the big ride this Saturday. Our friend Shay Carl with Shayloss is also getting ready for the ride this week with his friends. Here's his latest training video. 

We wish all our riders a happy, safe, and productive week of training. See you on Saturday!

Online registration closing soon!

Our online registration will be closing on Friday, July 11 at 5 p.m., MST, or when we reach 1,000 riders registered, which ever comes first. We are more excited than ever for this year's 2014 Cache Gran Fondo. If you, any of your family or friends who want to ride haven't registered yet, now is the time to do so! We hope you have a positive ride experience you'll remember for years to come.

The draw?

We just received a great e-mail from a new Cache Gran Fondo rider who is in the running for the ‘traveled the farthest distance’ prize this year. Stephen Aboud is putting his itinerary together to travel from the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago to our also-beautiful Cache Valley for the Cache Gran Fondo. “[I’m] passionate about the Rockies ever since my first trip 30 years ago, [I] could surrender my beaches for them any day. Impressed by the principles of those I come into contact with in SLC [and I] respect the values of those I interact with,” explained Stephan in an e-mail to us on July 3. He continued, “Yes, I approved the week visit so that I could experience Logan and ride it. I have covered nearly 1,500 miles of road in Utah and I always dreamt of riding and racing on those roads. If I survive the altitude [this year], then next year I will love to enter the race.”

Image of a Trinidad and Tobago beach

Image of a Trinidad and Tobago beach

What an incredible guy! This is one of the reasons we love putting on this event, we get to hear great stories about great people who have made biking and living healthy lifestyles a driver in their pursuit of happiness. It causes me to ponder about what the draw is to the sport, and to our unique location. I think the draw to Cache Valley is one of spectacular beauty and open roads. The air is thin up here (5,000+ feet above sea level), but it is also clean, especially in the spring and summer months. We have a lot of flat stretches because our valley floor used to be lake bed, and multiple hills and canyons to really test your climbing legs and lungs. Also, as Stephen has pointed out, the people are friendly, the communities are supportive and the local bike community is strong and growing.

We are excited to have Stephen join us here at the Cache Gran Fondo next Saturday, July 12. If you get a chance to meet him, give him a big Cache-Valley welcome and reinforce his perception of the people here. And Stephen, unless someone shows up from Europe or Australia…you might just win the prize!

- Troy Oldham, Race Director