2018 Results

Our timing company had several technical mishaps, including having a laptop stolen the night before the event.  Results of the 2018 Cache Gran Fondo are incomplete, several of the segments were not recorded as directed, however the following results have been drawn from the data we did receive.  We will prize all categories based on overall time (unfortunately we do not have all the segment data, and the segments were not timed properly). We recognize there may be some records missing, so IF YOU BELIEVE you records and experience is different than listed below, please contact me (oldhamtroy@gmail.com) directly and we will look at other options to recognize your placement.

OUR COMMITMENT is to correct this for all future races, and have already been in contact with the same company that times LOTOJA and other top events in preparation for 2019.  We are very sorry.

GBP_8735 20180714 1332 Cache Gran Fondo.jpg


KOM - Top 5   

7639 Kirk Eck  9:51.957867              

7735 Kent Millecam 9:53.15     

8386 Ezra Jefferies 9:54.207737      

7871 Dave Higham 9:56.138045     

7723 Drew Neilson 9:57.537340     

QOM - Top 5

7268 Liz Apking  11:05.01

7737 Rachel Child 11:12.57

8045 Bonnie Bradley 11:26.27

7340 Lari Todd 11:37.52

7392 Penny Moir 11:42.75

KOM/QOM - Tandem

7596 Dan and Bri Hoopes 10:46.25

We will be contacting our 1st place KOM and QOM for details on how to claim their yellow winners jersey and their custom training desk from RipCut Designs.

GBP_9034 20180714 1415 Cache Gran Fondo.jpg

Overall Race Course Results (112-mile)

This selection is based on the first 245 riders on the 100-mail course. We only received data for the first 246.  The table below lists the top riders in each age group. 1st Prize winners will be contacted by us and Hyperthreads, if you didn't already pick up a jersey at the awards ceremony.  Our records show no women over 65 in on the 112-mile section. NOTE: The original section times were not collected or shared, the default is to award and recognize the overall winners and KOM/QOM. We are sorry for any confusions or frustration. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 2.48.24 PM.png
GBP_9170 20180714 1438 Cache Gran Fondo.jpg

Top Finishers of recreational ride (non-race) in U23, 38, 50, 70 (and 112)

The file below contains the data we received for the top riders in each distance, the data is incomplete and some rider times are not included.  If we are able to collect the results of all riders we will post immediately.

Results Correction: 38-mile Bree LaPointe, (rider #7000), finished #1 in the 38-mile ride.  We were able to capture her 1st place finish and recognize & prize Bree's finish at the event, but her bib number was not recorded in the original result, (no corrected below).

NOTE: Rider 8001, Brandon Burtenshaw and Michael Wong were recorded with the same number. #8001 time was 4th place Mens in the 70-mile event.